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    What is polypropylene


    Polypropylene (PP) is known for its high melting point (90-120 degrees C), making it ideal for keeping hot liquids that cool in the bottles (eg, ketchup and syrup). It can be flexible or stiff. PP is used to package packagings for yoghurt, margarine, takeaway meals, and daily fresh foods. It is also used for bottles and jars used in pharmacy, caps and some household items. It has been identified as number 5.

    Full name of the material = Polypropylene (also called polypropylene).
    PP bottles and jars are standard semi-transparent (milky white transparent) or completely colored in white (other colors are often possible on request).
    PP bottles and jars are usually suitable as "Food" packaging.
    PP bottles and jars have a deformation temperature of +/- 120 degrees C.
    PP bottles and jars are well resistant to chemical solvents, bases and acids.

    Code 5: PP (reliable)
    PP stands for polypropylene, a strong and flexible form of plastic that is very resistant to chemicals and operations. Polypropylene can be found, among other things, in jerry cans, plastic furniture, storage trays, straws and car parts. Although the production process of PP is not considered completely safe, nothing indicates that the end product poses health risks. Green light therefore concerning polypropylene, both in the field of health risks and the ability to be recycled.

    Products specifications
    Material Pp (Polypropyleen) (5)
    Suitable for food Yes
    Sealable (Tamper-Evident) Yes
    Liquid tight No
    Raw Material Type Fossil Raw Materials (Recyclable)


    Circular screen printing
    Circular screen printing is a form of screen printing in which, in contrast to flat screen printing, a cylindrical shape can be printed. Think of vials, cream jars, bottles, tubes, (plastic) glasses and measuring cups. Even with round screen printing, it is possible to print multiple colors. The advantage of round-screen printing with respect to pad printing is that, for example, a product can be printed all around like a bottle.

    Flat screen printing
    Almost every product and every material can be screen-printed. T-shirts for example, but also shopping baskets, umbrellas, lunchboxes and beach balls. We opt for flat screen printing when the surface is flat, the printing images are large and the opacity of the inks is important. Your business gifts, promotional materials and injection molded products can be provided with logos, text and images or a combination of these, both in 1 color and multiple colors.

    Pad printing
    Pad printing is a very suitable technique when screen printing is not possible. This is the case, for example, with curved and profiled surfaces. This technique has a higher resolution than screen printing. It also gives an extra nice result if the image on your product really needs to be sharp. Do you want to have a product printed with a design of multiple colors? Then pad printing is often very interesting from a cost perspective.


    The impact of a label is much greater than you think. It is more than just an information carrier, it is an essential part of brand communication. A good label ensures branding. Logistical labels and product labels: at Vila Etiketten they produce in all shapes and sizes. Both in small and large quantities. From a simple, blank paper sticker to a complex label in seven colors with a synthetic top layer and printing on the glue side. The possibilities are endless! We therefore gladly refer you to a specialist for the delivery of labels. Vila Etiketten (member of the Optimum Group) They can provide you with the best information about the possibilities and impossibilities.


    Folding boxes, Plates of corrugated cardboard or packaging film
    Kraftwell works as an importer and distributor for manufacturers from more than 10 countries worldwide, mainly from Germany, Poland and India. Kraftwell is able to supply every packaging at competitive conditions through the various cardboard and plastic manufacturers. In addition to the corrugated cardboard packaging, we recently also set up an online shop for customized packaging films, where you can immediately see the corresponding price. See Kraftwell thinks outside the box and is sharp, versatile, fast and flexible. Please contact us.


    Order customized boxes online
    Small edition boxes, sleeves, trays and more, UniqueCarton stands for customization. With us you can order online customized boxes. Boxes in the desired dimensions, printing and finishing in small quantities from 250 up to and including 10,000 pieces. All for a competitive price! We show that tailor-made boxes, sleeves or trays do not have to be expensive.


    Sleeves / Shrink wrap
    The strength of your colorful 360 ° packaging is invaluable for your marketing and increases the shelf appearance of your product. The use of shrink sleeves as a form of labeling or packaging therefore offers many advantages:

    360 ° communication possibilities from head to toe
    the sleeve always takes the shape of your product regardless of its unique shape
    appearance on the shelf thanks to high marketing appeal
    perfect gloss and protection of printed matter thanks to printing on the inside
    resistant to moisture and suitable for pasteurisation and UV light protection
    offers protection on the outside of products
    the packaging possibilities are very large, including transparent windows, perforated tear strips, matt varnish, UV-care barrier, ...
    tamper evident function
    multipack or 'promotional' sleeve
    little waste and good recycling (mono material) in combination with PET bottles
    easy to apply to a wide variety of materials
    We therefore gladly refer you to a specialist for the supply of sleeves. Helios packaging They can provide you with the best information about the possibilities and impossibilities.


    Design your label, print, sleeve or box?
    Need help with the design of your label, printing or design of your brand? We have very good experiences with Reprovinci.

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    Products specifications
    Material Pp (Polypropyleen) (5)
    Suitable for food Yes
    Sealable (Tamper-Evident) Yes
    Liquid tight No
    Raw Material Type Fossil Raw Materials (Recyclable)